Intellectual property is where the law, business, and culture meet.  With a strong grounding in all three fields, Booth Sweet LLP offers sophisticated advice on maximizing the value of our clients’ intellectual property and minimizing the risk of conflicts.  We provide comprehensive IP asset audits and searches to identify goods and services that conflict with or infringe on our clients’ assets.  When conflicts arise, our strategic guidance steers our clients to efficient resolution, whether through negotiated settlement or targeted litigation.


Booth Sweet LLP offers strategic counsel and vigorous representation for their clients’ rights and interests.  We are adept at negotiating conflicts when they arise, and can handle courthouse litigation, administrative trials and hearings, and mediation and arbitration in a variety of forums.


Trademarks and service marks are how consumers identify the source of goods and services.  We help our clients develop and manage your trademark portfolio to make your brand as powerful as can be, with comprehensive search services to avoid selecting infringing marks, registration assistance with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and abroad, and savvy advice on the proper use and management of trademarks.  We enforce our clients’ trademark rights against infringers and defend against infringement and unfair competition claims to protect and strengthen our clients’ brand identity.


Copyright protects creative expression.  We help you protect and maximize its value.  We work on copyright registrations, transactions involving copyright assets, and litigation of copyright infringement disputes. Helping clients design solutions that support their larger business objectives. We do all this in an approachable, down-to-earth manner – because copyright protection isn’t just about the law. It’s about reaping the rewards of your creativity.


Licensing and merchandising of intellectual property rights is a growing revenue stream for creative industries, and a valuable means to extend the reach of your brands, products, and services.  We guide clients through complex commercial transactions, negotiating and preparing intellectual property licenses and merchandising agreements.


Starting your business relationships off on the right foot can save you from needless expenses and headaches later. A solid, thorough, and binding contract is your best protection. That’s why it’s critical to consult us early in the process, before problems have a chance to develop.  We have the foresight and experience to draft agreements that express your business deals in clear terms that work to your advantage.