And Something to Fear-eh-eh.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned of her royalty checks.

Recently, Aimee Mann filed a copyright lawsuit against one of the world’s largest but least known online music providers: MediaNet. MediaNet serves up more than 22 million songs to over 40 music services, including Yahoo Music,, eBay and various online radio stations.

But according to Mann, not all of the music that MediaNet provides is properly licensed.

In the complaint that Mann filed, she entered into a license agreement with MediaNet in 2003. The term of the license agreement was scheduled to end in 2006, but had automatic two-year extensions unless one of the parties terminated the agreement. In 2005, Mann’s representative is said to have sent a termination notice. Nevertheless, MediaNet continued to transmit, perform, reproduce and distribute about 120 of Mann’s songs as part as their service after the termination date.

Mann states that the damages could amount to $18 million.

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