Before you can go anywhere, you’ve got to have a map. A piece of paper that says where you are and where you want to go. And for us, it’s been our vision. To embrace change. Encourage ideas. Make it easy for creative industries to go about being creative. To provide legal solutions that can be adapted to changing ideas and technology. And to make every step toward your goals part of an evolutionary, not revolutionary process.

Booth Sweet LLP is a Commercial Arts & Technology law firm.

We serve as counsel for the creative industries, handling clients’ day-to-day business law issues, including intellectual property protection and licensing. From copyright to contracts, trademarks to trade secrets, the law plays a critical part in the creative industries. Whether you are a musician, architect, video game developer, or filmmaker, you need a firm grip on how the law affects you and the work you create.

So what’s the answer? You want to protect your ideas without stifling your creativity. You want to know what you can do without being told what you can’t. You want your business to expand, but not have your rights shrink.

We have some very good news for you. You’ve got us.